Santander Jose David Angarita will play in American volleyball

TheDedication and discipline, combined with talent and ability to play volleyball, made it easy for Bumangués José David Angarita Morales to obtain a scholarship to study and play at Fairleigh Dickinson University, in Tennec, New Jersey, United States.

The 17-year-old athlete has excelled with his school team, Pan American, and also with the Santander national team, as he showed a subtle technique that allows him to be very precise when raising the ball, among other aspects.

From a young age he showed his passion for sports and entered into disciplines such as football, tennis, horse riding and swimming, but six years ago he entered the world of volleyball and definitely stayed there.

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It has been six years of continuous learning and athletic growth, which has also led him to be a part of the Colombian national team and he is now making the jump to a top-tier university in the United States, where the best athletes on the planet compete.

“I am very happy with this opportunity, for which I have put in effort and now want to soon get involved in the academic and sports topic.” The athlete, who will study management with a focus on sales, said, “I will be with the best athletes and I hope to continue to increase my performance.”

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Although arriving is undoubtedly a very important step, Jose David knows that now the challenge is to stay and show off.

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“We have to train constantly with the team and face high-level competitors, but we cannot neglect the academic part as well, because the university requires an average to maintain the scholarship,” said the volleyball player who will start his new phase in August.

He added, “I go with an open mind, leave my mark and make history. I will play with the team members who have a lot of experience, and that is why I want to join the team before the start of the official season, which is in January.”

Presently, José David is continuing his academic preparation, with the last stage of high school, and athletic training, with Santander Under-19 working with the national championship goal.

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The athlete admitted that it was not easy to move forward with his sports discipline, that for a while he was stagnant in the area and that at the time Antonia Santos Coliseum lost, but these aspects were the motivation to try more.

“It was always difficult and that is why we have to look for places to train but the effort is important to overcome the difficulties. The camp in Cartagena helped me a lot, as the competition helped me to improve and I was also seen by the Colombian coach, Diego Herrera,” concluded the athlete.

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