CDMX, Aguascalientes, and Zacatecas, among the cities Uber will call 911 directly

Transportation service platform, ObiP., Implemented New resource Which you can Providing more safety for users and drivers in Mexico. It Direct contact with emergency services That facilitate response Calls to 911 during flights.

This new service It will be available in eight states For the Republic: Aguascalientes, CDMX, ZacatecasNuevo León, Jalisco, Sinaloa, Mexico State and Baja California Sur. The goal is Facilitate the answer by Specialized authorities By providing them with the corresponding information.

How it works?

everybody User or driver Use the A button to call 911 From the application, government emergency services You will automatically receive all information The introduction of the application about the trip being made:

  • Location In real time
  • Paintings and Features vehicle
  • Noun Partner and user
  • Prepare Telephone

By having access to this information, the C5 corresponding to each demarcation will be able to implement the required security measures in a timely manner as the situation demands.

The technology behind this service comes from RapidSOS, A dedicated company that specializes in linking related data to help improve security responses. With the purpose Get a more accurate site, It is taking advantage of Location tags From mobile devices like GPS, satellite and Wi-Fi points.

In this way Expands the function of the 911 button Which was implemented in Mexico On 2018. Other notable security features include: Anomaly detection, encrypted audio recording, 24/7 support and insurance coverage on all trips.

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