The first round of negotiations between Mexico and the United Kingdom on a free trade agreement has begun

FILE PHOTO: Containers are stacked aboard a cargo ship at the quayside at ABP Port in Southampton, Britain. Photograph: Hannah McKay/Reuters

This Monday I started the first negotiations of Free Trade Agreement Enter United Kingdom and Mexicothey will come Obligations under the Business Continuity Agreement between the two countries, according to the information provided by The Ministry of Economy.

This first round of work will run until 15 July and will be chaired by Ismael Ortiz, Mexico’s representative, and Charlotte Hayes, the European country’s chief negotiator.

That is, according to the authorities, in 2021 the volume of bilateral trade exceeded 5 billion dollars. For his part, the The United Kingdom is currently the eighth source of foreign direct investment in MexicoTherefore, these negotiations seek to expand trade relations between the two countries.

It must be remembered that this meeting is the result of the obligations set forth in business continuity agreement Which stated that during the first year of validity, negotiations will begin aimed at achieving Free Trade Agreement.

The Ministry of Economy stated in a statement that discussions of more than 30 negotiating tables will focus on them Determining the scope of access to the markets for goods and services in both countries, As well as for the disciplines that will be agreed upon in each of the topics that it consists of.

Information under development…

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