Britain’s defense minister has dropped out of the race to replace Boris Johnson

Ben Wallace, British Defense Secretary

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, who is considered one of the candidates to succeed Prime Minister Boris Johnson, announced on Saturday that he will not run for office.while several figures from the Conservative Party, such as former ministers Sajid Javid and Jeremy Hunt, joined the race.

“After careful consideration and discussion with colleagues and family, I have made the decision not to run for Conservative leadership,” he wrote on Twitter. He wants to focus on his current mission and “ensure the security of the country.”

Expressing gratitude to those he “promised” to support, he wished all candidates good luck.

“I hope we can quickly return to focus on the issues for which we were elected,” he added.

Conversely, former Health Minister Javid and former British Equality Minister Kimi Badenouche have joined the race, who were part of a group of about 60 lawmakers and members of the executive who resigned from the government this week in protest of the handling of the prime minister. Scandals, including the appointment of a colleague accused of sexual harassment to a high position.

Johnson had to resign, but he announced it Remain in office until a successor is appointeda process that may take months.

Jeremy Hunt, the former health and foreign affairs secretary, was already second in the 2019 Conservative primary, which Johnson won, and in recent months has positioned himself as one of the most critical of the outgoing prime minister’s voice. Both he and Judd advocate the tax cut program.

For his part, Badenoch, in a recent article in The Times, called for change, saying that Britons were “strained by pettiness and empty rhetoric”.

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“I am running this election for the (Conservative Party) leader because I want to tell the truth,” the 42-year-old wrote. He added, according to Agence France-Presse, that “the truth is that we will be released.”

The succession process will begin on Monday with elections to determine the powers of the 1922 committee, the most influential among conservatives responsible for setting the rules and schedule for the leadership contest.

Other parliamentarians such as Tom Tugendhat and Soyla Braverman have announced that they will run for electionslike former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, is by far the most weighty name to take on the leadership of the group and the country.

This former Goldman Sachs analyst, the first Hindu to hold the position of Britain’s finance minister, resigned on Tuesday – around the same time as his health counterpart, Javid – sparking the crisis that led to Johnson’s resignation on Thursday.

Former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak is one of the strongest candidates for the post of Prime Minister
Former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, one of the strongest candidates for the post of Prime Minister

The newly appointed Secretary of Education, James Cleverly, considered Johnson could be replaced at the end of August.The prime minister plans to remain in office until October and announce his replacement at his party conference earlier that month.

Labor leader Keir Starmer has called a general election to restore “honesty and integrity” to British politics after 12 years of Conservative rule.

According to a survey by consulting firm YouGov, 56% of Britons think Johnson should leave power now, amid rumors he is holding the position to celebrate his wedding with wife Carrie at Checkers at the end of the month.Prime Minister’s Residence.

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Looking at these accounts published in the British press, government sources indicated that the couple, who married in May 2021 and were unable to celebrate the wedding due to restrictions due to the pandemic, intend to change the venue of the big party, although they have already sent invitations.

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