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Excel is a computer program included in the Microsoft office package (an office suite that includes programs such as Word and PowerPoint). Unlike Microsoft Word, Excel is organized into columns and rows, where numeric data is entered; This program allows you to perform operations using both numbers and text. This software belongs to the category known as Spreadsheets.

Its main feature is that the main screen displays a two-dimensional matrix; Which means that it is made up of columns and rows, known as cells, where each one has a unique address.

This program allows you to create and manipulate all kinds of spreadsheets, graphs, etc. In addition to the fact that with stored numbers it is possible to perform basic arithmetic operations, very complex mathematical functions, or more complex operations performed by functions. For example, it allows you to perform arithmetic operations such as addition (+), subtraction (-) and multiplication and division (/).

This tool simplifies the calculations by performing them automatically.

It also allows you to manage projects by creating templates or worksheets. No matter what profession you dedicate yourself to or what activity you do, on a small or medium scale, it is likely that this essential tool will be required at some point, as it can be used on both a personal and professional level.

Finally, it must be added that when we work with Excel, it is very important to know which version is on our devices, since there are different types of functionality in different versions.

At the moment, using this tool is very important, which is why a collection of books, brochures and forms from Excel 2010 to 2019 have been compiled in PDF format for you. Here you will be able to get very useful information to be able to work with a large volume of data, with the option of sorting, filtering or making graphs.

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Then you are given the name of the work, as well as the link where you can access the book in PDF format for download to your computer, tablet or mobile phone; Or it can be read online, if you prefer. #1. “Microsoft Office Excel 2010” PDF Manual
read #two. Book “Excel 2010” PDF
read #3. “Excel 2013 Practical User’s Guide” PDF . Manual read
#4. Microsoft Excel 2013 Expert Course Manual PDF read
#5. The Intermediate Basic Guide 2013 PDF read
#6. Book «Microsoft Excel Basic 2016» PDF read
#7. “Microsoft Excel 2016, Basic Level Conference” PDF
read #8. “Excel 2016” PDF Manual
read #9. PDF . Formulas in Excel guide
read #10. Advanced Excel Form PDF
read #Eleven. Introduction to Programming in Excel with Visual Basic Application PDF
read No. 12. Introduction to Visual Basic, A Essential Guide to Getting Started with Visual Basic Macros for Excel PDF


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