The Exposur 2023 international exhibition has ended in Cuba

Since last September 14, Exposur 2023 has witnessed the participation of companies from Germany, Canada, China, Spain, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, Yemen, the United States, Brazil and Jamaica, which are countries that have displayed their goods and services on the main stock exchange. Commercial area of ​​the central and southern region, located about 250 kilometers east of Havana.

During the meeting, more than 150 deals were concluded, dozens of letters of intent were signed, and two contracts from the International Economic Association were signed.

Joaquín Alonso Vázquez, Minister and President of the Central Bank of Cuba, acknowledged the usefulness of such quotes, both for government companies and for the various economic methods of the private sector.

“It is very beneficial, given the existing relationships between local producers and entrepreneurs and those from other provinces, bringing in foreign companies with supplies, potential production chains and export capabilities,” Alonso said.

For her part, Mayra Arevic Marin, Minister of Communications, said that Exposur 2023 is a great opportunity to see projects that contribute to the National Development Plan until 2030, with initiatives that will contribute a lot to the province and the region.

The grand prize of Exposur 2023 went to Tecnoazúcar; The best stands went to Citrisur. Agua de Tocador S&C received the Product Quality Award for 500 Years of Havana, from Social, and Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, SA received the Communications Award.

The primary objective of Exposur 2023 International Fair was to promote Cienfuegos as a long-stay tourist destination, foreign direct investment in the territory, and the export of products with high added value.

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