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The way we communicate with people around us has changed radically with the use of new technologies and their application in our social lives, so sometimes we have to share our social networks or numbers in order to socialize and stay in touch.

Unfortunately we find ourselves involved in problems or uncomfortable situations and when we want to contact certain people through our social networks we realize that we can no longer do so or that they simply do not respond.

This is because everyone can manage their account and privacy WhatsApp As you wish, you can block or silence a contact for a certain period or archive their conversation.

But is it possible to notice when one of our WhatsApp contacts puts us in this blocked, silent or archived mode?

The answer is a resounding “yes” and below we will tell you how you can find out if any of your WhatsApp contacts have blocked, silenced or archived your conversation.

WhatsApp is everyone's favorite messaging app, due to the large collection of files we can send to our contacts and the security and privacy options it offers us as users.

Under Privacy Options, we have several options available where we can deactivate or activate contacts who have access to view your online time, if you are online, as well as the ability to block, silence and archive contacts.

What are the options to block, mute or archive in WhatsApp?

The option to block a contact on WhatsApp allows you to stop receiving their messages, calls and status updates on WhatsApp, plus you will no longer be able to see their last seen information, online status updates or changes to their profile picture.

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While the option to silence a contact will allow you to receive messages and calls and the person can see your latest online information, the application will not alert you when this contact tries to contact you, in addition to that you can activate it for a specific period.

On the other hand, archiving a conversation allows you to hide a chat from the chat list to better organize your conversations and access this conversation again whenever you want, plus you will not receive notifications while archiving it.

How do I know if I've been blocked, muted, or archived?

It's very easy to know when one of your contacts has blocked you, as you cannot see their profile picture, last time, and when you send a message you will only see a check mark, letting you know that the message was sent, but not received.

If you can still see his profile picture, last seen time and the Sent and Received checkmarks, but they're not in blue yet and he hasn't responded to you, he's ignoring you, and he's muted you or archived your conversation.

If you know why you are blocked, silenced or archived on WhatsApp and you need to contact that person, it is better to talk directly to his cell phone or in person and solve his personal problems.

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