The Spanish film “Las Niñas” will open the 20th edition of Eurocine in Ecuador

Quito, September 17 (EFE).- The Spanish film “Las Niñas” opens the 20th edition of the Eurocine Festival in Ecuador, a showcase of the best contemporary and classic European cinema, organized and produced by the Ochoymedio Cultural Foundation. Supported by the European Union (EU).

The festival is scheduled to be held from September 20 to October 6.

Eurocine works to promote art and develop inclusive spaces of exchange, as well as dialogue between Europe and Ecuador, natural partners united by historical and social ties and, above all, by their commitment to principles and values ​​such as democracy, respect and tolerance. ” noted the European Union Ambassador to Ecuador, Charles Michel Geurts.

Las Niñas (Spain, 2020) by Pilar Palomero, which will open the festival on September 20, won several awards for Best New Director, Film, Original Screenplay and Cinematography in 2021.

In 2020, it received nominations at the Berlin International Film Festival and the San Sebastian International Film Festival.

To start the programming, on September 21, the film Escarlata/L’ envol (Italy-Germany-France, 2022) by director Pietro Marcello will be screened.

Referring to the selected films, Urícil Castro, the main programmer of the festival, commented: “Many films, authors and faces will be introduced to the Ecuadorian audience, creating deep connections with the new trends and their representatives.”

He said: “The relationship between tradition and modernity will be evident in every meeting in the room, where contemporary interpretations of European heritage will be discovered.”

He pointed out that cinema is a time machine, a dream factory, and a magic lantern, and Eurosyn 2023 “is the opportunity to bring memories and frameworks distant in time or place closer to others.”

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This edition will contain 45 films that will be shown in Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, Portoviejo, Loja, Morona Santiago, Guaranda, Ibarra and Tulcán.

Eurocine 2023 presents its classic sections that have survived over 20 years: Europe al día, Fisuras, Memoria, Generacion Ramona +Europa and Focus, pieces of celluloid.

Among the festival’s parallel events, this edition will witness the Film Gala: A Journey Through the Fairies by the French duo Catherine Vincent, a show that brings to the present the magic of the cinema of Georges Méliès and Lotte Reiniger, with screenings in Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca and Loja.

In addition, this show will be accompanied by an entertainment workshop “Creating a Soundtrack”, targeting children aged 8 years and above from the La Floresta neighborhood.

On the other hand, Eurocine will hold six talks with films: 20,000 Species of Bees (Spain, 2023), Adoption (Hungary, 1975), Flowers of Human Flesh (Germany, 2022), Music (Germany, 2023), Crash of the System. (Germany, 2019), Three Minutes: An Extension (Netherlands-UK, 2021). Evie


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