The official count of popular consultations and referendums in Ecuador has ended

The National Electoral Council (CNE) reported that at 6:24 pm local time on Friday, the vote counting process in the country's 24 provinces had been completed, and they are currently examining all records to issue official results later.

At the moment, the numbers appearing on the CNE's official website confirm that No won on two of the eleven questions proposed by President Daniel Noboa.

While questions related to security received the support of a majority of Ecuadorians, questions related to the economy and employment were rejected by nearly seven in 10 citizens.

A large portion of Ecuadorians voted at the ballot boxes in favor of the involvement of the armed forces in internal security matters, approved extradition, and approved increased penalties for certain crimes, among other issues.

The head of the Union of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador, Leonidas Iza, told Radio Pichincha that the government no longer has an excuse to achieve important results in terms of security.

Economist Alberto Acosta believes that popular consultation prevailed in defending national sovereignty and workers' rights, as well as the fear resulting from increasing insecurity, which will not find a solution with more repression and penal populism.

Legal experts believe that from this moment on, Noboa will have no excuses to put an end to insecurity, although they warn that the implementation of the consultation proposals will be of little benefit if social measures to reduce inequality are not adopted.


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