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A lot of people are starting to live in the Christmas spirit since September. And it still happens on Halloween and the whole month of November. It is not surprising that stores, for example, start selling decorations for the festive season.

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It’s already peeks One or the other Santa Claus On the shelves of major shops.

Well, it seems that the spirit of Christmas is also part of the small screen.

There is a UK channel that usually broadcasts classic movies that viewers love. However, after being suffocated by the December weather that arrived with September 1, he decided to change his programming schedule and will broadcast Christmas movies clock Seven days a week.

Mariah Carey performs her famous Christmas song.

You’ll be “Great Movies Classics” momentarilyGreat Christmas Movies“.

This holiday programming will start Thursday 23 September It will work until Tuesday 4 January. It “hits” with December and even transcends it to be a prelude to the celebration due to the arrival of the Three Kings.

What interests fans most is that there is also room for new within the classics: in ‘Great Movies Christmas’ you will present ‘A Christmas Melody’, a film by Mariah Carey, who a few years ago became a Christmas musical icon thanks to an unusual and catchy ‘Christmas hymn’.

TV space will also be aware of file transfer Mariah Carey Christmas Special (2020), which included a whole galaxy of celebrities such as Ariana Grande and Snoop Dogg.

It is not yet known whether “Great Movies Christmas” will be available only for the UK or if it will leave the islands for other countries, such as Colombia, where the Christmas spirit is floating in the air at the start of the last four months of the year.

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And although in the case of the United Kingdom Mariah Carey is a special icon, there are other “television models” in Colombia and throughout Latin America such as “My poor angelOr the promised gift.

Macaulay Culkin and Arnold Schwarzenegger accompanied Columbian Christmas as well as Pastor Lopez and other year-end music icons.

My poor little angel and Turboman

These two films are practically mandatory at Christmas.

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