Mukhtar “Chalatio” Lemos, another fan of his teammates in the match against the United States.

“Big emotion, I played without fear,” said Selecta midfielder Mayor, who will have surgery in the next few days. Support his teammates in Cuscatlán and chant the national anthem

There is always another heart to join in support Choose. And sometimes, it comes from the lowest expectations. And for the match between Selecta against United StateThe chosen one, Miguel “Chalatío” Lemus, has become a fan of his teammates.

And the player came to the stadium to watch the match with his family, and admitted the joy of the huge match that was played and how intensely he lived every moment of Thursday evening. The 2013 Turkey World Cup midfielder has not been called up, with Sub 20, because in the next few days he will have to undergo an operation to clean the meniscus in his left knee.

However, his breath and his best feelings were with his peers. A Kancha, “Chalatio” expressed that the national anthem “shouted” and that he praised the entire work of Selecta, those fellows he shares with, but now sees them from the stands.

Miguel “Chalate” Lemus, coaching and background postcard have been selected from Cuscatlán and the starting team. Photos: Courtesy of LaSelecta and Miguel Lemus

“It was a huge emotion to see how the team managed the whole match. The fact is that the USA played without fear. As the teacher Hugo (Perez, DT) said, the important thing is that we are really competing and there is a lot of enthusiasm for the whole Salvadoran people,” he said.

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“The wonderful atmosphere we had is a very important point,” he said, noting all the support the hundred percent of the crowd had, and the singing of the national anthem, which made everyone in the giant shake and whoever was around. home as well.

Lemos was accompanied by his family to the stadium, as was his wife Erica Melara (first). Photo: Courtesy Miguel Lemos

Regarding his personal feelings as he was not able to be on the field and not from the match, he said: “It was great to see the stadium full of Salvadorans supporting the national team. Sometimes, you didn’t see much enthusiasm for the national team, and when I sang the hymn I shouted it as loud as I could. An unforgettable thing, I wish the best sentiments to all my colleagues. He felt a great envy of good for them,” he was sincere.

Now, Lemus is waiting to go under the knife, possibly “next week”. “And in five weeks’ time, I’m supposed to be playing, God willing,” the World Cup said. Without a doubt, there is another color blue and white, faithful to Selecta and her companions.

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