Win EuroMillions for Friday 3rd September

This Friday, September 3rd, EuroMillions . puts I play for the jackpot of 17 million euros. The grand prize amount has been reset since three tickets, validated in Belgium, France and the United Kingdom, were distributed EuroMillions corresponding to the draw that took place on Tuesday, August 31. In Elche, the ticket awarded with “El Millón” from this draw has been validated.

The winning combination for Friday, September 3rd was as follows: 5, 7, 13, 29 and 35. The stars were 3 and 7. The winning combination with “El Millón” was: RJB58481.

In 2017, a Spaniard won the prize of 190 million, something that also happened in Portugal in 2014 and in the United Kingdom in 2012. A month ago, the United Kingdom again distributed a full prize of 190 million.

The major EuroMillions awards are distributed as follows:

First category: 5 numbers and 2 stars

Category 2: 5 numbers and 1 star

Third category: 5 numbers only

Category 4: 4 numbers and 2 stars

Class 5: 4 numbers and 1 star

Sixth class: 4 numbers

Seventh category: 3 numbers and 2 stars

Eighth Class: Two digits and two stars

9th category: 3 numbers and 1 stars

Class 10: 3 digits

Eleventh category: number one and two stars

Twelfth Class: Two digits and one star

Class 13: If two numbers are correct

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