The “British Premier League” and “UEFA” plan to reduce the major league teams

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A week after the establishment European Premier LeagueNew fronts continue to open up to confront the necessary revolution in the world of football. Over the past week, there have been many who have asserted that this first step is a “warning” of a reality that will sooner or later change. UEFA He knows it, too, despite his innovation Champions League At the moment, neither the coaches nor the players convince.

This project demonstrated the major problems plaguing the sport, despite the fact that the economic figures revealed by the epidemic were a precursor to the need for institutions to renew. Show ‘The Big Picture ProjectTheir proposal to reorganize English football Liverpool s Manchester United In the last month of October 2020 this has yet to be finally approved.

The different paths open up and it becomes clear which one each club wants to take. The rest of the clubs in the major leagues that were not associated with this new competition demonstrated against this kind of movement and remained loyal to UEFA with the aim of increasing its influence in this institution. They pose some obstacles to the future of football, although some like Bayern Munich They have come to negotiate.

The new logo for the European Super League

Now, with the Premier League lit ashes and intent to continue implementing this idea, other innovations are emerging that will be a reality in the future. And there are two ideas are already forming. The first is the nomination in England From a projectBritish Premier League‘, Which will not copy its shape but collaborate with it Scotland So that it is framed in an English language competition.

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British Premier League

If there is a leading nation these days it is United kingdom. a sheet Boris JohnsonThe British Prime Minister, as the main political leader who went into this project, will be important in these changes. The nation’s president is committed to English football and he will favor any kind of change. Here comes the role of the “British Premier League” project, which will be approved by the fans, UEFA and FIFA.

Scotland began needing to join England to join the parent competition, with the aim of raising the bar Premier League And what are the historical clubs like Notifications s Celtic Don’t have financial problems that can leave you touched forever. The tradition of English football is closely related to that of the Scots, which is why it is seen with better eyes than the fans.

Banner on Eiland Road, Leeds United Stadium, against European Premier League

Banner on Eiland Road, Leeds United Stadium, against European Premier League


Boris Johnson promised to listen to football as a nationwide reform regulating club control (50 + 1) and other plans included in the “Big Picture Project” last October. Specifically, this “British Premier League” project will increase fan interest according to studies they have done in defense of the idea, as well as seeing an increase in the number of sponsors and networks willing to bid for TV rights. In the code ‘BrixiJohnson welcomes her, too.

Reducing the match

On the other side of the New English Channel Champions League 2024 brought with it more criticism from coaches and clubs to increase the number of matches without thinking about the financial burden players are already suffering. Ceferin was willing to fix this idea in the coming years and negotiations are very tough. That’s why they want to focus on other issues to convince the champions of this sport.

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UEFA, through its federations, has already raised the possibility of reducing the number of teams in the major leagues to reduce this fatigue while increasing the level by making it more difficult to be among the best. Rubiales himself has already raised it this year. “Leagues should help by reducing days. You can only do two things: reduce teams or change the format. 33 days, more than two classics, neutral fields …”, he commented in an interview at spar.

This trend appears untenable, as public statements only support the need for more elite parties. New proposals from the Super League will come in the coming months, as confirmed by those in charge of this new institution. The change will be with or without UEFA, with or without the leagues, but it will end up doing it. Whoever continues to disrupt instead of tackling the problem head on will be left in the fight to keep football as the king of the sport.

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