Netflix and Gmail “forgot” to report that they have been targeted by hackers

  • Netflix and Gmail, along with other companies, were the targets of a massive hack in which 3,200 million passwords for various services were revealed.
  • While most companies released this information, companies like Netflix and Gmail did not provide information about it.
  • Of the passwords released, at least 31,000 were from the Mexican government.

Large companies and even governments are not exempt from becoming the target of cybercriminals, such as Microsoft and Yahoo! They know a lot about it due to the times their accounts were hacked due to hackers revealing users’ personal information. However, the companies’ obligation is in their handling of this situation and how to inform stakeholders of the potential damages that may result from such a situation. This is exactly the part that Netflix and Gmail seem to have forgotten, because according to information circulating on the Internet, there is a list of 3,200 million passwords that includes from the government of some countries – including Mexico – to Netflix accounts and personal email.

a group of Hackers It published a free database of a whopping 3.28 billion passwords, according to Hacker News. The leak includes login credentials for various services and social networks. Among the data, there are also government emails from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Russia, and Mexico.

The package is called COMB21, which is an acronym for “collecting many leaks” in English. Some information has been traded by hackers over the years on forums. Although much of the data has already been published in the past, what matters to the current discovery is its sheer size.

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The published data contains a massive amount of emails and passwords related to government domains. Among them are 625,505 passwords from the United States government, 205,099 from the United Kingdom, 136,025 from Australia, 68,535 from Brazil, 50,726 from Canada, and 31,995 from Mexico.

Netflix and Gmail without harm control

Moreover, the hackers have organized the data in alphabetical order. However, it was not yet possible to determine the origin of each of the individual leaks that make up COMB21. A quick glance also reveals usernames and passwords for services like Netflix, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and more.

Depending Internet newsIn addition to government data, there are more than 200 million Gmail addresses and 450 million email addresses on Yahoo. It should be noted that Netflix and Gmail have never reported a data breach. Microsoft, for its part, was a victim of hackers in 2019. The same thing happened with Yahoo in 2016.

The problem with these databases with personal information circulating on the Internet is that they can be used by other hackers to carry out identity theft, scams and phishing campaigns. In addition, the risk is increased for users who use the same passwords for many services.

On the other hand, the trust and reputation of the company has an important basis in communication, and now that it is found that it has not provided information about it, it leaves users and customers vulnerable with little confidence in the company in question. Is your Netflix user or your Gmail email on the list?

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