The Articulated Veterinary Science Program has started over 250 young people

Days ago, the inauguration of the detailed program of the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences of the National University of the Provincial Center of Buenos Aires was completed, in broadcast on the Youtube channel, of the Academic Secretariat of UNICEN.

They shared, with their families, young men from Tandil, the region and different parts of the country.

This program is an elective course of education that expects academic contact with future students of college, which they can access while they are in their last year of high school.

The aim of this proposal is to promote training in the basic sciences (biology, physics, mathematics and chemistry), both in terms of disciplinary content, as well as in matters relating to entry into university life, study strategies and organisation, and academic skills and competencies that improve the learning process, seeking to favor the integrated formation of the university student. .

This was contemplated in the 1980s, being tested in different municipalities with specific conventions, initially taking chemistry only as a specialty area, and in 1995 it was institutionalized as an articulated programme.

The inaugural conference was chaired by Unicen President Dr Marcelo Aba, FCV Dean Dr Rodolfo Catalano, FCV Vice Dean Dr Eduardo Castro and Unicen Academic Secretary Professor Mabel Pacheco, who is the coordinator of the program said.

Initially, the authorities welcomed the students and their families and emphasized the importance of both the entrants and their families betting on the mentioned program as it is the basis of the first degree programs offered to the college (Bachelor of Food Technology and Veterinary Medicine). With these words, Unicen President Dr Marcelo Aba highlighted the pioneering nature of the College of Veterinary Sciences, with the articulated program being implemented 26 years ago. He also highlighted the program as a very useful tool for students entering college, both in terms of disciplinary content and an introduction to college life. In the conclusion of his speech, he stressed the importance of students’ effort and commitment in order for the institution to achieve the success it seeks: to generate the best professional and the best possible citizen.

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Then FCV Dean Dr. Rodolfo Catalano highlighted that “The Articulated Program is an effort by the Foundation, for many years, committed to training in the final section of the secondary school, which will allow newcomers to have a good start in our college careers.” He also welcomed in his words families, thanked future students for their support and accompaniment, and remained as an institution at the disposal of everything they needed.

For his part, Vice Dean of the College, Dr. Eduardo Castro, welcomed the families and future students, explaining that the university stage is a beautiful experience in everyone’s life, which passes very quickly and therefore must live. With intensity and redoubled efforts to reach the end of the journey.

Meanwhile, Unicen Academic Secretary Professor Mabel Pacheco endorsed the application file and almost personal rivalry towards new students and added details about university life in general, which complements the academy, noting the multiple policies and strategies implemented by the university to ensure the access and continuity of future students.

Addressing future students, Mabel Pacheco said, “This program is designed for distance education, where you will always have the support of teachers and professionals to collaborate with you on this difficult transition.”

Following the words of welcome and with the participation of the Program Coordinator, FCV Academic Secretary Dr. Antonio Felipe, Coordinator of the Student Welfare Department at FCV Lic. María Claudia Benguetor, President of the Student Center of FCV Dante Sofía, as well as the Coordinator of Introduction to Basic Sciences (ICB) Dr. María Cecilia García, and members of the Department of Student Welfare, Education and Technology at FCV, a space for exchange, recovered and answered those doubts that both students and relatives They had been consulting in the chat room since the beginning of the meeting. The topics covered were: the use of virtual classrooms, assessment and accreditation, and the services provided by the university: scholarships, residencies, health; Course subjects in the 2022 cycle, among others.

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Final thoughts from the detailed program team

“In this second year in the context of the pandemic, he invited us to continue to rethink the face-to-face meetings of this program, allowing us to reaffirm the feeling and commitment that unites us as a team. The main objective of this first meeting was to get closer to both the student and their families, and to maintain a footprint that distinguishes us as a university and that invites us to consider detailed strategies and policies that seek to favor entry and persistence in a quality public education, ensuring the necessary support and advice to achieve this.”

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