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Eddie Hall responded to comments made by Hafthor Bjornson calling him “the fat guy from the UK”.

Hatred between the pair has deepened in recent weeks as the pair continue to comment on each other.

Hall and Thor have a long-running rivalry

Their feud was supposed to be resolved in the ring earlier this month, but this fight was postponed due to Hall suffering a biceps split.

Thor went to fight arm fighter Devon Larat and stopped him in the first round.

The Mountain and The Beast continued to talk trash with each other in the following days.

Hall delivered his guilty verdict in the fight and later described the Briton as “the biggest bully on the Internet”.


Thor joined Logan Paul on his podcast and made comments about Hall

Hall posted on his Instagram account asking powerful fans to leave the Icelandic star alone, saying that he did not advocate the harassment in any way.

Logan Paul then interviewed Thor and said that Hall was simply the “fat guy from the UK” and criticized him for filming a series of videos with celebrities.

Hall's response to Thor's comments.

Hall’s response to Thor’s comments.

After posting a screenshot of talkSPORT’s article, 2017 World’s Strongest Man said: “Am I the only one who sees the irony in what Thor said two days ago: -“Eddie Hall is the biggest bully on the internet? “

Today: – “Eddie Hall is that fat guy. #Hipocrita #SayNoToBullying #DoubleStandards #DoubleDip

“Big LoveTeam Beast”.

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