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Photo by Jim Mochlinsky Dolores Maria Garcia runs Mariachi Fiesta in Marshall. This week the work ran for 20 years. He came to Marshall after working at his brother’s restaurant in Wilmer.

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Marshall Restaurant – Mariachi Fiesta has turned Mexican food into an ingredient on Main Street Marshall.

This week the company celebrates its 20th anniversary. Owner Dolores María García said her business originated when she worked for a year at her brother’s restaurant in Wilmer.

Marshall’s clients who went to Wilmer to enjoy Mexican food and the ambiance of a Mexican restaurant were popular in this business. They encouraged Marshall’s expansion.

“They wanted a Mexican restaurant in their hometown.” Garcia said. “This is something I wanted to try. We walked around Marshall looking for a place and found a sign of this building. It seemed like the perfect place.”

Mariachi Fiesta offers a variety of real chicken, pork, beef, and seafood, as well as tacos, angeladas, burritos, fajidas, and anorexics. They have 30 different pull out trays.

Garcia’s main goal is always to mix the freshest ingredients and authentic Mexican cuisine.

“It has to be new and it has to be real.” She said. “We succeeded because we worked hard. We do our best to have the best food and service.

One thing I immediately loved about Marshall was that it was a college town. He saw an opportunity to pursue post-secondary studies for his three daughters, Brenda, Jessica, and Mariana of Oaxaca.

“They played an important role in motivating me to work hard.” Garcia said. “I wanted them to live a better life than they grew up in Mexico. They needed an education in one area.”

He said his two oldest daughters are college graduates, and the third is in her third year of a four-year career. Prior to college, Jessica became the Public Speaking Champion at Minnesota State High School and placed third in the Mariana State Public Speaking competition.

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The rewards of owning a restaurant go beyond the financial gain. He also discovered that owning a business is a way to earn a stable space in a rural community.

“After 20 years, I feel like I’ve become a part of the community.” Garcia said. “I feel proud. People have always been so loving and supportive.

He said that many of his clients have become personal friends. He had some from other states like Montana, and he returned to travel through southern Minnesota.

Enjoy the busy daily routine of restaurant business, especially the chance to please each of your customers.

“People are the best part of having a restaurant”, She said. “I like it when they enjoy our food. I enjoy making them happy.”

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