Strict restrictions on visitors to the UK from Christmas Eve including Sweden, Spain and Austria

It seems likely that ski holidays and hot winter holidays will be postponed because many countries have introduced new changes in regulations.

Sweden, Spain and Austria have imposed more government restrictions, which could affect UK travelers’ holiday plans.

Christmas Eve and Day represent major changes in these countries’ policies towards the UK public.

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Austria may have made some drastic changes to its government policies, which means the ski hotspot will not be available to those holidaying in the UK until the 25th.

On Christmas Day, the UK will officially be classified as a “viral diversity zone”, meaning that anyone coming from the UK will have to self-isolate for 10 days regardless of their dual vaccination status.

To avoid isolation, someone in the UK should receive a booster dose.

Even if they had both an injection and a booster, they still had to show evidence of a negative PCR result taken 72 hours prior to arrival.

The news came within 24 hours of Austria already tightening rules and requiring all tourists to show a booster vaccine test or PCR test.

The new update has already been shared on the Austrian Tourist Board’s website.

A report on the authority’s website now says: “Due to the rapid spread of the Omigron variant, the virus will be classified as a regional variant in Austria from 25 December. All travelers in the UK must be isolated for 10 days upon arrival.”

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According to the Tourist Board, “Children under the age of 12 are also exempt, and young adults eligible for a Holiday Ninja Pass can enter with a negative PCR test.”

Anyone whose flights are canceled due to a new flight are entitled to a full refund. turn off the mirror.


From next Tuesday, December 28, all tourists entering Sweden will be required to show evidence of a negative Covit-19 test, regardless of their vaccination status.


Spain has already made it impossible for unvaccinated people to enter the country from the UK for tourism purposes.

However, they have now added additional testing and trials at the country’s entry points.

It includes temperature tests, visual health assessment and tests on arrival.

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Passengers must undergo a PCR, TMA or LAMP test at any time up to 48 hours after their arrival in Spain.

Christmas Eve is expanding mask rules that require everyone over the age of 6 to wear a mask on all types of public transport in Spain and in many indoor and outdoor public places.

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