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Animal Protection Act, along with Responsible Ownership of Pets and Pets Act, also known as “Ley Cholito”, establish a A series of obligations that a person incurs when deciding to accept and keep a pet or pet. In Chile, animal neglect is one of the most relevant public health problems in recent times, a situation that has led a group of professionals from different fields of science to rethink how to educate the population on this matter, especially in school-age boys and girls.

In this sense, the General Science Project CP200048, “Animal Keepers”, the challenge of creating an awareness space based on an educational video game, which addresses aspects of everyday life in different environments, was identified, while considering urban, rural and wilderness environments. in these areas, Boys and girls will be able to explore and encounter situations where they will learn and apply content about the needs of animals, as well as the duties of the people who care for them.. The initiative is funded by the General Science Program of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation and is promoted by a multidisciplinary team consisting of veterinarians from the UACh College of Veterinary Sciences, Carmen Gallo s Tamara Tadish; Psychologist specializing in education from the College of Veterinary and Livestock Sciences (Favit) in U de Chile, Evelyn Jagardo; CEO, Computer Engineer at Nemoris Games, Ricardo Concha; Video game designer romy valenta.

“The importance of Incorporating this content into schools is vitalSince it is part of the academic curriculum, it is easier to inculcate care and respect for animals in boys and girls. It is important to be able to incorporate positive social behaviors at an early age that enhance the care of animals, both domestic and wild. boys and girls important change agents And knowing that they will be able to gain playing Guardians of the Animals, we hope that they can replicate these behaviors of care and respect within their homes and in public spaces.”

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According to Evelyn Gagardo, Education Director of the project, “Design An educational video game with these characteristics that enables the activation of multiple cognitive functionsFor example, spatial orientation, attention processes and memory. At the same time, the possibility of training the above-mentioned skills by linking them to influential elements such as Caring for animals and empathy for people, prefers to learn constantly over time. “

The interactive video game, developed by the leading software and application development company in the Los Rios region, Nemoris Games, It narrates the journey of a city character who learns through fun tasks to learn about the natural elements of his environmentAdopt a pet and gain knowledge about responsible animal care and ownership. Students will be able to choose a symbol to start the game, and in the same way they will be able to choose an ethnic group that represents them, recognizing the cultural diversity that our country has to offer. Students will always be accompanied by a partner who will be an animal of their choice. The player must take care of the pet of his choice and will follow a specific care path with him through the game procedures. During this trip, they will learn to meet the animals’ basic physiological and emotional needs, feed them properly, put them to sleep, and take them to the vet, as outlined in Law 21.020 on Responsible Ownership.

As a publishing strategy, The video game will be distributed free of charge in educational institutionsIt is hoped that it will be a support tool for teachers of the basic education course. Students will be able to describe their gaming experience and create feedback spaces using their teacher guides.

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Currently, there are countries working hard for End animal abandonmentAs in the Netherlands, which has been declared since 2016 as the first country in the world free of stray dogs and cats. Among the factors for the success of such campaigns, the following stand out: Communication products in digital support, as a way to raise awareness to the community.

In Chile, the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation has taken on the role of generating cases such as the General Science Competition to facilitate scientific publishing. This, by generating interdisciplinary works and products that allow knowledge to be transferred to society in an educational and effective manner. in this meaning, lite obligator, Director of the General Science Program at Menencia: “The Animal Keepers Project. An opportunity to democratize knowledge through a video gameIt is a new way of communicating science, closer and more interesting to the children of our country, that seeks to contribute to the responsible care of our pets and the promotion of animal welfare measures.”

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The game is compatible with the computer and you can Download after launch In the following link www.bienestaranimal.cl

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