Radio Havana Cuba The Iranian Parliament rejects the US proposal to gradually lift the sanctions

Iranian Parliament

Tehran, April 5 (RHC) The Iranian Islamic Consultative Assembly (Miles) rejected the proposal to gradually lift the illegal sanctions imposed by the United States.

The text requires the signatories to the nuclear agreement, formally called the Comprehensive Plan of Action (PIAC or JCPOA for its English acronym) to lift the sanctions imposed on the country, “the harsh sanctions imposed by the administrations of former presidents for the United States. UU. Barack Obama and Donald Trump for the people of Iran.” They should stand once and for all and Iran must be able to verify them before Washington can join the nuclear deal.

Parliamentarians indicated that any negotiation on mutual relations with the 4 + 1 group and Washington would be considered an “unacceptable” effort by some people “to postpone the full lifting of sanctions.”

The document described this as a measure “detrimental to the interests of the Persian nation and contrary to the principles of dignity, wisdom and comfort, as well as the general policies of the Islamic Republic and the systems of parliament.”

This statement came to light in the midst of the talks that took place between Tehran and the 4 + 1 group (Russia, China, the United Kingdom, Germany and France) within the framework of the Joint Committee of the Nuclear Agreement, which will be held afterwards. Tuesday in Austria.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Jatabzadeh had specified in a press conference last Saturday that the country would not surrender to any plan to reactivate the nuclear deal, except for “the complete abolition of all sanctions.” In advance. “

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