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Personality test: did you become a loner?

It’s not the same as being someone who is lonely or having a lonely personality. Enforced isolation is not felt as desired, nor if you have been forced to live in isolation. There are people who tend to always look out for those moments of loneliness. Others hate them and make up any excuse to interact with family, friends, or neighbors if they have to be alone. And you? Do you like loneliness or are you afraid of it? To find out, you can take this personality test that will determine whether you have a lonely personality or how loneliness affects you. Psychology: These are the different types of unit that exist: personality test, how does loneliness affect you? Personality Test: Find out if you have anxiety What is loneliness? As the word implies, loneliness is a feeling, very common when a person feels sad, when they have a perception of social isolation, or when the person lacks social support for a certain period of time. This feeling becomes a satisfactory thing when it occurs in a high intensity and disproportionate to the situation, when it occurs frequently, or when the reality is very different from the perception that the person is experiencing. It often happens that this feeling is the result of an emotional state, such as sadness, that distorts perception. At other times, we may encounter difficulties in relationships, and we do not get the social support that we all need, as human beings, socially and socially in nature, as psychologist Laura Raya of explains. On the other hand, there are those who seek loneliness and others flee from it. The reason for this difference in behavior? The expert continues, “The complexity of the brain’s work, in which our personality and past experiences are calculated, leads us to seek or flee from loneliness. Some people, because of their personality, are more likely to search for social experiences, while others search for more moments of isolation, Or “being with oneself,” or “socializing with oneself.” I really like to think of ourselves as another relationship, as someone we connect with. In fact, I think this is the relationship we should take better care of, or better yet, learn how to take care of With it, because our well-being depends to a large extent on it, “the expert says. Although this enjoyment of solitude is not a very close concept for some people, Rhea continues. In fact, it is common that they are afraid of being alone, or that they have not learned to enjoy it, or that they do not know what to do when they are alone, or not enjoying it, or when they are alone communicating with ‘myself more than not. I agree with it or not. Love him, ”they dedicate themselves to searching for company in a“ hopeless ”way, escaping from the feelings that generate them, or spending a lot of time in relationships or activities in which they“ feel accompany ”, even if they are not the same. A personality test to find out why it is difficult to empathize with “advice” so that isolation does not affect you if you are working remotely. level. From our ability to counter the insulating ability to work remotely. You might be very happy if you were working remotely. However, some people find this work more difficult. If this is your case, follow the advice provided by the iFeel experts. Fair vision. Compare, considering the good and the bad in both cases and focusing on the merits of working remotely because this is what will have a positive effect on our attitude towards the task and interaction with colleagues, as well as on our state of mind. For example, the time you save to be able to dedicate to your things. But consider this feature in terms of both physical and mental health. Focus on the present. The old normality is behind us. We don’t know if he will return or he will return in a different way. Also, if the remote work method is to be imposed. Therefore, you must focus on the present moment. We must remember that neither the past nor the future are perfect and that this moment will pass too, with all that is good and that is bad. The value of new learning. Discover a new way of relating to work but also a new way of living at home, consuming and allocating time and focusing on relationships. Do not mitigate the inconveniences that remote work may bring to you, but rather look at their contributions. Panoramic view. Although the epidemic is not over and we still live in a completely different reality from what we lived before the outbreak of the Coronavirus, it is also different from what happened at the beginning of the state of alert. Today, perhaps, you can go to the office or do some activities that you could not do before. Everything is progressing slowly, but you have to look globally and see progress. Personality Test: Find out if you suffer from emotional dependence, isolation and a subjective experience. It’s not the same as being isolated for a just and temporary cause, rather than feeling isolated and excluded. Telework is a circumstance that can reinforce that isolation, that is, that emotional experience of disintegration and staying out of the structure of personal relationships. It’s not conclusive, however: We’re not destined to be isolated just by not going to the office and staying home. We can go to the office and feel isolated, that is, we are excluded. Maintain a good posture. Take care to maintain quality communication with your co-workers – even if it is through the company’s internal communication channels. Include affection in interactions but above all in relationships. Share, ask people how they are doing, and be nice when you chat, write emails or video conferencing. Take advantage of free time. Do the things you love in your spare time, but try to keep them rewarding. That is, if you have a job that involves few interactions and this makes you very focused on yourself, don’t be in the same position when you stop working. Meet people, spend time outdoors, and enjoy face-to-face interaction, with a safe distance. Personality test: Did you know if you have Wendy syndrome?

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