UK Cold Wave: London shines with snow

a The cold front of the Arctic It has caused temperatures in the UK to drop. many of Citizens of London Share on their social networks how snow is seen in different parts of the city. But it didn’t just catch on in London. Cities like Kent, Sheffield or Durham They also woke up with snow. Snow is expected in other parts of the United Kingdom such as ScotlandTemperatures can drop as low as -7 ° C overnight.

Snow falls in London and elsewhere in the UK

“There will be a drop of more than 11 degrees between day and another between yesterday and today,” he said. meteorologist Met office Simon Partridge With respect to this temperature drop. Partridge further explained that this cold weather is caused by a change in wind direction. “The air we had yesterday came from the south and was much softer. But overnight we saw how a I entered the cold front from northern Scotland She made her way south during the night. “

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