Quartet of mediators after resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – Prensa Latina

According to the Russian Diplomatic Service, the meeting discussed the previous day via video, possible practical measures to reduce the situation in the military confrontation area as soon as possible, and to establish a ceasefire and protect the civilian population.

At the same time, they expressed the need for strict adherence to the rules of international humanitarian law.

Russia called for creating political conditions to resolve the crisis and resume direct negotiations between the two parties on the basis of Security Council and United Nations General Assembly resolutions on the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

The statement said that Moscow reiterated that issues related to the final status of those territories must take into account these decisions, which include “the principle of two states: Israel and Palestine, coexistence in peace and security.”

Diplomats stressed the necessity of holding a meeting of the Quartet at the ministerial level, and then organizing other consultations with the major Arab countries in addition to Israel and Palestine.

The exchange was attended by the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry for Middle East Affairs, Vladimir Safronkov. United States Assistant Secretary of State Hadi Amr. The United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Coordinator for the region, Tour Vennesland; And the European Union’s special envoy, Sven Copmans.

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