The European Union is closely monitoring arrests of Europeans in the United Kingdom

The European Union is closely monitoring the arrests of Europeans upon their arrival in the UK by border police. Several cases, in recent days, all alarms have sounded.

The non-governmental organization Bail for immigration detainees denounces that London is violating immigration regulations and bars European Union citizens from attending interviews or business meetings.

“If you look at the UK government website, you can access immigration rules and it is very clear that you can attend job interviews or employment conferences. However, it seems that EU citizens, who specifically come to do these things, are being held at the border. They were denied entry because they were told they must apply for work visas. According to Arania Cujulatas, the detained lawyer for Fianza para Immigrants.

Brussels already raised this issue at last week’s meetings between the European Union delegation in London, the Portuguese presidency and member states.

“We are aware of this consular issue, which was already raised in last week’s meetings between the European Union delegation in London, the Portuguese Presidency and the member states of the European Union. It does not seem to be a general trend as it affects a small number of European Union citizens. However, the EU delegation The European Union in London is monitoring the situation closely, especially the conditions and the duration of the retention, which raises concern. The delegation is in contact with the Ministry of the Interior in the United Kingdom. The delegation is ready to support Member States where possible, “ The European Commission said in a statement _. _

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As of today, there is no data from the UK Home Office regarding arrests at the border since Brexit took effect in January.

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