Villarreal is one of the 50 most valuable clubs in the world … that’s their ranking

Villarreal CF President Fernando Roig (1st) with CEO Roig Negueroles.
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The Villarreal It is one of the 50 most valuable clubs From the world. Club Plana Baixa remains among the greats and It ranks 44th In his ranking of 2021 Most Valuable Football Club Brands for 2021 Brand finance consultant, With The total value is 106 million euros. Led arrangement Real Madrid, With a value of 1,276 million euros, followed by Barcelona (1,266 million) and Manchester United (1,130 million), competitors of the submarine in the European League final on May 26 in Gdansk.

The club headed by Fernando Roig is one of seven Spanish players in this prestigious classification. The document, which was published last Monday, confirmed the existence of three statues that are still at the top of this classification, among them Real Madrid s Barcelona And there are five other Spaniards: Atletico Madrid (Rank 13/445 million Euros), Seville (23/178 million euros), Valencia (34/129 million euros), Athlete (43/110 million euros) and the above Villarreal (44/106 million euros), it is still among the fifty most valuable in the world.

The Real Betis, Which entered the table last year at 50th place, did not succeed in staying in that group this year, because it did not improve its results in LaLiga and the income was also affected by the current situation.

According to the report, a pandemic Covid-19 They have caused the club’s brands to lose nearly 3 million euros (2,926 million euros) and in the case of the seven most valuable Spaniards, that figure is 335,000 euros.

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Despite its influence, the Real MadridIt is the first Spanish club by economic value (3,130 million euros), for the third year in a row it remains as the best football club brand in the world, despite the health crisis causing it to lose 10.1% of its brand value.

Since 2012, last year was the first in which its upward trend reversed, and the club headed by Florentino Perez has managed to double that value (+684 million euros) in the past ten years.

Seville, the only Spanish to grow

Among the Spaniards, Seville It is the only one that is growing in brand value. With an increase of + 12%, it rose 9 places (from 32 to 23) and is the fifth club to rise the most.

Spain is the second country with the largest share of brand value after 43% of the UK. Spanish clubs account for 20% of the total value of the 50 March rankings and their contribution to the total value of the roster is down 11% compared to 2020.

Villarreal’s opponent in the European League final

The figures in the document confirm that the following Villarreal competitor In the European League Final, the Manchester United It is still the third most valuable club (1130 million euros), despite suffering a 14% drop, now with Manchester City (1118 million euros), qualifying for the final in the next Champions League, and Bayern Munich (1,068 million euros), The winner of the last edition of the competition is in fourth and fifth places, respectively.

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Liverpool suffer a 23% drop and are now in sixth place with a value of € 973 million, followed by Paris Saint-Germain (-8.2% at € 887 million), Chelsea (-19% and € 769 million) and Tottenham (-7.7%). And 723 million euros) and Arsenal (-6.2%, 675 million euros).

The largest growth in its brand value is Zenit Saint Petersburg, Russia, by 35%.

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