Paparazzi Agency is bankrupt due to the pandemic and Megan Markle

EFE.- Photo agency specialized in photographers Splash News has filed for bankruptcy after being unable to afford to defend itself Complaint of breach of privacy filed by Megan Markle.

The company, which formally filed its request on Tuesday in a Nevada court in the United States, cited “financial problems arising from three sources”: The first reason is due to the current epidemic that has curtailed the work of photographers; The others are for two legal fights, one over business and the other against Markle.

As a result of the global pandemic, The ability to take pictures of celebrities has decreased Media companies ’budgets have also been reduced,” Splash boss Emma Curzon explains in a bankruptcy declaration.

As the Hollywood Reporter notes, The paparazzi trade has been hit particularly hard by the coronavirusWhere photographers cannot find street celebrities.

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“The situation has been exacerbated by two ongoing lawsuits and the costs of defending these cases,” Curzon adds.

The first lawsuit is a labor case lawsuit, at the same time The second is derived from a complaint filed by Markle When a photographer for the company photographed the family and their newborn son, Archie, in a private park in Canada without their consent.

Although the Duke and Duchess of Sussex agreed with the company that the paparazzi would no longer take unauthorized photos of the family, the case was taken to court as a “breach of privacy.”

“The case is related to issues of freedom of expression under UK law, and unfortunately, it turned out to be too costly for Splash to continue its defense,” the President said.

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However, photographers agency, full name Splash News & Picture has become famous for suing celebrities, such as Jennifer Lopez and William Hemsworth, Those who have posted pictures on social networks that appeared and taken by their photographers are claiming property rights.

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