Celebrate with friends at Jalisco Stadium

Omar Jesus, Faris Bara

Guadalajara – Wednesday’s match is more special than any other: Mexico faces tough rivals from the US CONCACAF region, and despite the fact that they are both ranked in the semi-finals of the pre-Olympic Guadalajara, fans are hungry for it. Triumph of the tricolor.

The stage is Jalisco Stadium, the same stadium in which Mexico defeated Landon Donovan 4-0 in 2004, but in the semi-final match.

But there are no competitions between the audience. It was the case of the Mexican friends who accompanied Kevin Anderson, a native of Michigan.

“The three of us come from Guanajuato, she is (Laura Ramirez) my friend, we are super soccer fans, and I am from the United States and they are from Mexico. I have lived in Mexico for 10 years, the Mexican people are very kind, all mothers love to play football and we are challenging There. The Mexican national team has more talent, but I liked the United States, “said the American, who was asked about several photos by Mexican fans.

Kevin Moreno, born in Los Angeles, California, confirms that he has supported Mexico since his childhood.

“I was watching them on TV, but this is an important game. It caught my attention and here we are supporting the best team in the world, which is Mexico. We have not come to the stadium for more than 8 months because a Tricolor fan said:” The epidemic, we have to take care of it, and here we are supporting Mexico. . Football is too missing, for being with the national team so that the players are motivated. “

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For his part, Diego Velez expressed his desire to watch a match with the national team.

“I haven’t been in over a year, and I had a great desire to come. I liked the way the national team plays, it looks very different, more dynamic, they have a lot of connections and all the attacks end in goal. It looks like Trident (Uriel) Antuna and ( Alexis) Vega and (Sebastián) Córdova seem very powerful to me. “

The person who paid a fleeting visit outside the Jalisco stadium was Pablo Lemos, the Citizen Movement’s candidate for mayor of Guadalajara.

“I was a good friend of Don Gabriel Montes de Oca, the owner of El Pesebre, who passed away about a month ago, and had a lot of interest, since I came to Jalisco when I was a kid to see Gallos del Jalisco, which was my first team. It’s with Chivas, “Lemus said.

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