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It is considered weak for the first time by the Canine Association

The English Sheepdog, identified by its abundant white and gray fur, was declared “vulnerable” for the first time in the UK by The Kennel Club, a dog protection association in that country.

The Kennel Club said fewer than 300 puppies are registered annually, which means they will be on the verge of disappearing from the territory.

The association said on its website that it was for the first time English SheepdogThe, the breed’s name in English, is considered unsafe for the first time after only 227 pups were recorded in 2020, the lowest number in 60 years.

Registration of the breed began in England in 1979 and the number of puppies has reached 6 thousand puppies per year.

What is the English Shepherd like?

They are loyal and friendly to other people and dogs. However, it requires a lot of maintenance and exercise so it is not suitable for small spaces.

They are still considered suitable for working with flocks, although they are now the most popular pet in the UK.

The English Beatles dedicated the song to him Dear Martha, Article written by Paul McCartney for his dog.

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