Why will the number of Earth days be 25 hours from this date?

The way we perceive it Time on Earth It could change dramatically in the distant future. Researchers from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have succeeded in achieving this Measure the Earth’s rotation more accurately than ever before. Using the Wettzell Geodetic Observatory’s ring laser, data can now be captured at a level of quality unmatched anywhere else in the world.

The way we perceive time on Earth could change dramatically in the distant future. There is talk that within a few years, the length of an Earth day could increase to 25 hours.

the Earth’s rotationresponsible ofDay and night cycleIt is not a fixed process. Throughout the planet’s history, its speed has undergone variations due to various factors, e.g Gravity of the moon and sunThe internal movements of the materials that make up the Earth and the redistribution of its mass.

When and why do days on Earth last 25 hours?

One of the most important factors that affected the Earth’s rotation is moon. Since its establishment, Lunar gravitational pull It acted as a brake, gradually slowing down the planet’s rotation speed. this slowing down It was key to extending the length of the day from the few hours it initially lasted to the 24 hours we know today.

While day length seems unchangeable in our time frame, there will be a slowing trend that will continue into the future. Although the change will be imperceptible on human time scales, within 200 million years, this is because the Earth’s rotation can be slow enough for a single day to last 25 hours.

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the a pot It is noteworthy that our solar system revolves around the center of the galaxy at a speed of approximately 515,000 miles per hour (828,000 kilometers per hour). It takes about 230 million years to complete one orbit around the galactic center.

To reach these conclusions, German researchers used… Optical circular laser interferometerIt is a high-precision technology that allows changes in the Earth’s rotation speed to be measured with millisecond accuracy. Thanks to this tool, they were able to detect the gradual slowdown and predict its impact in the distant future.

Will this change have an impact on current life?

It is important to note that this Change in length of day It will not have a significant impact on a person’s current life. The difference of an extra hour a day will be imperceptible in our lives and will not affect normal processes or daily activities.

Beyond the change in day length, this study opens new questions about the future evolution of the planet and the long-term effects of the Earth’s rotation.

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