“Maravigghia”, the festival that joins the list of the best festivals to attend in Europe

Antonio Milioti, an Italian hotel and tourism entrepreneur, created a new event concept that combines art, music and culture to promote Sicily.

05 Sep 2023 09.36

Festivals are unique events that typically offer immersive experiences that go beyond traditional concerts and can include art, visual performances, and interactive activities. One of the main goals is to provide a sense of community and belonging, where participants are not merely spectators, but active participants in creating the experience. Thus called this attractive proposal Maravigia (or Maravillosa in Spanish), to mix Entertainment through music, art, culture and sports, as well as the promotion of a unique tourist destination such as Sicily, which was created by Italian businessman Antonio Milioti.

– From the Venice Carnival, the San Gennaro Festival in Naples or the Taormina Film Festival, are some examples of cultural experiences in Italy that attract tourists from all over the world. How and why did the idea of ​​Maravigia arise?

This event was born from my passion for my land and the desire to show its most authentic side, through experiences in unique and creative places, combining art, history, luxury and music. I have over 15 years of nightlife between organizing and managing clubs and honestly everything seemed the same to me. Bar shows, nightclubs, or even music festivals, had a similar approach, which is why I wanted to change the style of entertainment and at the same time how to discover Sicily.

I believed that the largest island in the Mediterranean, with its rich history and cultural diversity, also needed a unique identity that would attract those who wanted to explore beyond traditional tourist attractions or typical recommendations.

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I have been preparing for a long time before launching the format, as I have noticed similar initiatives around the world, and I have not found anyone who has managed to combine all these aspects yet, especially in Sicily.

I wanted it to be something different and distinct from all the other formats, but above all I wanted it not to be a typical music festival and for art, wellness and history to be the heart of the format, not just an accompaniment.

Antonio Milioti.

-Although there are notable events across the board such as Coachella, Tomorroland or Burning Man, would you say that Maravigghia opens a new category of annual events?

I hope so, we are already working towards 2024, and my desire is to continue the system until 2025. Having a beginning and an end is very important to me.

The format of the event is very specific and intended mainly for people living outside Sicily, aged between 30 and 50, businessmen, managers and lovers of art, luxury and music.

It’s not a huge event, but to participate you must register and be part of our community.

-Can you tell us about the places in Sicily chosen to live in Maraviggia, and why each one?

Each location was selected according to its regional characteristics, and we conducted a preventive study on locations and logistics management.

In view of the Torre Salsa Nature Reserve and its proximity to the Selinunte Archaeological Park.

Palermo for its historic buildings and the charm of the Festino de la Patroness Santa Rosala.

Favignana for its nature and pristine sea.

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– What does Sicily represent to you?

Sicily represents a unique blend of cultures that have influenced the island over the centuries, including Greek, Roman, Arabic and Norman. This is reflected in architecture, art, gastronomy and traditions. The lifestyle in Sicily is relaxed and family-centred. Sicilians value food, wine and time spent with friends and loved ones.

For me, it is a matter of pride to be able to engage friends from all over the world to bring our history to life through a modern, dynamic and international approach.

Sicily deserves to be on the platform of world tourist destinations, and Maraviggia and I hope to contribute to this.

Maravigia Festival1

-What distinguishes Maravigia from other tourism events?

Although in Sicily we have different cultural events that attract tourism such as the Greek Theater Festival, a performing arts festival held in the ancient Greek theater in Syracuse, and the Feast of Saint John which is celebrated on the night of June 23 to 24, with bonfires and celebrations, the target audience is different. completely. One of the main goals during events is to create a community with the same interests, for this you have to carefully target the right audience, doing this is really very difficult, and above all to have a better experience, having a unified group is essential.

Another difference from other musical or cultural events is that Maravigghia seeks to appreciate and promote the Sicilian lands by combining art, history, luxury and music, but with an avant-garde and contemporary touch in its approach.

-The events are held in different locations in Sicily and each interested party can choose the place they would like to live most or even all of them. In this first edition, these events were held in Sciacca, Palermo and Favignana. Which of the three destinations were the most successful and why?

All three destinations were very successful, but if I had to choose one, I would say Shaka, it was the first and the most complicated in terms of logistics, for months it advertised a weekend of amazing sunsets, crystal clear sea and very clear sea. Soft sandy beaches. The day before the event it was raining all over the island, it scared me, luckily the rain forgave us.

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When the next day I saw the amazement and excitement in the eyes of all the guests when I visited Selinunte Temple, I knew that I had achieved my goal and I was happy.


-The first version was an experiment that went viral. In the coming year, what are the new challenges?

The most important challenge for 2024 will be to find new destinations capable of conveying the same feelings, and in this case, fortunately, Sicily has many places to discover… I would not rule out suggesting one of the three destinations this year.

I also understand that there are many Argentines who came to Italy after the pandemic, so it would be great if they could integrate this small community of Sicilian fans and discover it in a new way.

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