They urge Argentina to use truth to counter denial

In statements to Radio 10 and Nacional, de Carlotto rejected comments by Victoria Villarroel, vice-presidential candidate for La Libertad Avanza (LLA), which distorted the work of that organization and denied crimes against humanity committed during the last civilian dictatorship. -The military in this country (1976-1983).

For her part, Victoria Montenegro, deputy of the Todos Front and granddaughter of the restored Abuelas, considered the arrival of the LLA to the Argentine presidency very dangerous, and denounced attempts to cause a setback in the struggle for human rights and democracy.

“Every year, the Metropolitan Legislature remembers that the dictatorship began on March 24, 1976, and reaffirms its commitment to the struggle for memory, truth and justice. Accordingly, there must be a framework that obliges government officials to respect the achievements of the people.

“There are sectors that are trying to discuss some of the achievements that have been achieved over the past forty years. We have to analyze the context to determine what is at risk and defend it with all the tools that democracy possesses,” he added, adding that the popular response is the most important for what is coming.

The previous day, hundreds of people came to the vicinity of the Legislative Council in Buenos Aires, despite a large-scale police operation, to denounce the celebration of an event called by Villarroel to honor the perpetrators of genocide.

Omani Riyal / Gas

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