Spain and the United Kingdom are converging in positions on Gibraltar and an agreement is closer

Spain And the United kingdom This Thursday they held a meeting High level he is looking for Determine traffic rules In the British pocket Tarek mountain, Inspite of that They did not reach a final understanding They pointed that out The agreement is “closer”.

Foreign Ministers Jose Manuel Albarez And David Cameron They met with the Vice President of the European Commission Maros Sefkovic At the headquarters of that institution Brussels.

He added, “I held a constructive and positive meeting… in which we achieved important progress and continued to build and advance along the already agreed-upon political lines.”He said The pars At the end of the meeting, which lasted approximately six hours.

Prime Minister of Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo, He also participated in the talks within the British delegation.

In a joint statement, The delegations noted that “all parties reaffirm that the agreement is closer and that they will work together and quickly on the most relevant aspects.”

The pars He stressed that the two parties have not yet set a final date for this Seal the agreement.

The Spanish diplomat said: “In any case, there is no point that we wanted to address by either party that was rejected by the other party.”

Spain and the United Kingdom reach an agreement on freedom of movement in Gibraltar

At the end of 2020, Spain And United kingdom They agreed on a Framework agreement The main result is preservation Free movement of goods and people Across the border between Spain and the enclave, despite the UK’s exit from the European Union.

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But talks on signing a final agreement have not yet ended.

In 2022, the Spanish government and the European Commission proposed… United kingdom Create one “Co-prosperity zone” with Tarek mountain, Where thousands of Spaniards work every day.

Creating such a zone requires this Spain assumes control of Gibraltar’s external borders and suppressing the land border between the enclave and Spain to ensure “full fluidity” of movement of people and goods.

Albaris and Cameron met in the presence of Sefcovic in Brussels on April 12, in talks in which both parties welcomed “significant progress.”

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