The Change in ‘The Bridgertons’ Books That Made the Netflix Series A Success

Fantasy returns on March 25th with a new set of episodes and plenty of chatter at the palace.

a team The Bridgetons You did an amazing job bringing the story of Julia Quinn to the small screen. The Netflix series has been able to pick out the most successful elements of the novels, give them a facelift to update them – after all, it was released in 2000 – and manage to charm the audience with innovative aspects of the story even more. classic.

One of the most significant changes was Queen Charlotte, played by Golda Rochevel. She’s not a significant character in the books, but the Shonda Rhimes series manages to turn it into one of the best parts. She alone represents everything society wanted to crush at the time: a black woman with a strong personality who made no secret of her interests. In a patriarchal system where only women are used to looking after children, it is a joy to meet someone like Charlotte, who changes the situation.

Queen Charlotte – a woman who has existed in real life and who has remained in power with her husband, George III – represents the matriarch. She’s the one who decides which girl deserves to be considered this season’s top candidate, and basically, the one who gets to hold the strings. For creators, it’s key. “Queen Charlotte opened a whole new world for us.”Creator Chris Van Dusen said: opera“What really surprised me about the books from the start is that it was an opportunity to marry history and fiction in a really interesting and exciting way. […] I was thinking about these great scenes and situations to put into a really fun place to write.”

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Shondaland’s first decision was to choose a black actress for the role. In this way, they brought to light the racial controversy that, at the same time, criticized what was happening in the regency in the United Kingdom and is still happening today.. “We were a separate community divided by color until the king fell in love with one of us,” Mrs. Danbury (Adjoa Andoh) says to the Duke of Hastings (Regé-Jean Page). There is a lot of debate about whether Queen Charlotte actually has black ancestors and no one seems to agree.

Mario de Valdes y Cocom is a historian who asserts that by seeing royal portraits, his African features can be seen and asserts that people of his time noticed them as well. According to him, the queen came from a Portuguese royal family related to Margarita de Castro y Souza, whose origins go back to Alfonso III in the 23rd century and his mistress Madragana ben Alondro, a Moroccan woman. However, many others question the origin of Madragana and see no clear evidence for it Charlotte Mecklenburg Strelts – as the Queen was known – was black.

‘The Bridgertons’: The Actress Who Plays The Queen Wanted To Be A Totally Different Character (And Now She Has Her Own)

Leaving the actual data aside The Bridgetons Present these important and fascinating differences to spark much-needed discussion. Signature Reggie Jean Paige It also supports the creators’ vision of putting race in a prominent role. They will continue to do so for the new batch of episodes. season 2 of The Bridgetons It will feature Simon Ashley as Kate Sharma, one of the legs of her love triangle, and Edwina Sharma (Sharithra Chandran) and Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) who will star in the new sequel.

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In the second installment, the queen will continue to appear in an interesting plot. The feud between the Queen and Mrs. Wesleydon (Nicola Coughlan) will be a central theme in the new episodes. Charlotte is determined to reveal her mask, and after Eloise (Claudia Jesse) foils her plans, her mission in Season 2 will be to go after Gossip Girl at the mansion. It’s an interesting struggle between two intelligent and capable women. One of the many events that would surely have occurred at that time that had gone unnoticed by the patriarchal authority.

season 2 of The Bridgetons It premieres March 25, 2022 on Netflix. The new 8-episode sequel will focus on the oldest Bridgeton family, Anthony, and his quest to find the perfect woman to become Lady Bridgerton.

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