This is how stress affects your skin: find out how you can combat it

he pressure And the anxiety They are two of the major neurological disorders with the highest incidence rates in Europe, exceeding twenty%, as the experts at Barber Clinics remind us. In addition to having direct effects on our mood and well-being, it also… It greatly affects our skin, which is the largest organ in the body.

“When we become unsettled, our skin can also suffer from imbalances. Our stress and unhappiness appear in the skin,” explains Jerónimo Ors, pharmacist and director of plant-based cosmetics company Cosmticos Paquita Ors.

But how is this explained? why is that? How to combat it and ensure that its effects are not noticeable on our skin? Get to know what the experts say.

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The importance of cortisol

According to Ana Sacristan Palos, training director at vegan cosmetics company Vagheggi Spain, “Stress has been shown to significantly upregulate cortisol levels, This has a direct relationship to the skinWhich produces important effects on balance, hydration, inflammation and keeping it in good condition.”

Additionally, he adds, “the high levels of cortisol that occur when our body is on alert such as those caused by stress reduce lipolysis, facilitating fat accumulation and fluid retention.”

Also, facial and beauty expert Esther Moreno, from EM Studio, explains to us, “The imbalance in cortisol levels resulting from stress can accelerate the signs of premature aging in the skin, loss of elasticity, dryness, and the appearance of wrinkles.”

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You can combat stress by eating citrus fruits, strawberries or kiwi.


On the other hand, Gemma Cabaneiro, R&D and Innovation Director at nutritional cosmetics company 180 The Concept, focuses on health: “Cortisol is responsible for suppressing the immune system To trap energy and also cause an increase in histamine.

Therefore, with stress, you are more susceptible to allergies and some infections such as herpes. Persistent high levels of cortisol mean that this constant activation leads to chronic fatigue and causes physical imbalances.

How to manage it?

There are different ways to regulate this hormone, and many of them It is associated with adopting a healthy lifestyle. Sleeping, having an internal state of calm, and eating a balanced, healthy diet can positively help regulate cortisol levels.

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Regarding good nutrition, expert Salina Saenz, pharmacist, nutritionist and founder of Naturae Nutrición, says that it is important to know that “we do not have to follow restrictive diets, but we have to include ingredients that can help us reduce tension and stress.” anxiety”.

“To do this, it is necessary to consume omega-3, which we can find in oily fish,” he adds. Likewise, You can also combat stress by eating citrus fruits, strawberries or kiwi.with a high percentage of vitamin C, which is a vitamin known for its ability to regulate cortisol production.

After all, as Geronimo Urs reminds us, “balanced, healthy and toned skin not only improves our external appearance, but also contributes to our emotional health.”

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