Lula asks Brazil to revoke the decision to ban his assets – Prinsa Latina

Judge Luiz Antonio Bonat of the 13th Federal Criminal Court for the southern city of Curitiba on Tuesday sent two cases against Lula before a Federal District Judge (DF), but maintained a ban on access to the former worker’s assets. Leader.

The referral of cases to the DF was subject to the decision of Minister Edson Fashin of the STF, who rescinded Lula’s rulings and restored his political rights.

However, the successor to the former judge Sergio Moro kept the siege of Lula’s property on the grounds that Fachin only annulled the decisions regarding criminal proceedings.

In the complaint, Lula’s attorneys assert that “despite the solar clarity” of Fachin’s ruling, the Court of Curitiba ruling insists that a new measure can be issued regarding procedures to which they should return through the deliberations of the STF. To the embryonic stage.

“The non-competent court that has been convicted does not have the jurisdiction to hear and judge the main files, but will have jurisdiction over incidents related to these same operations…”, the former governor’s defense questions.

Jurists also argue that inheritance provisions can only be issued when the competent judge considers that there is a just cause for their application.

A poll conducted between March 11-15 revealed that the former president would defeat President Jair Bolsonaro in a second round if elections were held now in Brazil.

Lula would get 38 percent of the vote and the former army 33.8 percent. The survey was conducted online using an online panel methodology.

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