Wimbledon announced that the tournament would be held in reduced capacity

This year’s version of the tournament Wimbledon will be played at low capacity, although spectator numbers will not be determined until later To try to secure as much as possible.

According to the third Grand Slam in a statement, given the current circumstances, the most reasonable scenario would be for the tournament to be played with a small number of spectators.

“however, We work to be as flexible as possible and to be able to respond to last minute changes that allow us to increase or decrease capacity.“Before and during the two weeks of the tournament,” the organization said.

“For this reason, we want to make sure that we can leave the decision on the capacity of the public as late as possible, in order to accommodate the largest number of people,” he added.

This year, the championship Wimbledon kicks off on June 28, a week after the UK, if all goes according to plan, lifted coronavirus restrictions.

In addition, the tournament confirmed that this year there will be no “The Queue”, the traditional waiting list organized at Wimbledon Park, where people even camp overnight to get tickets at low prices.

The organization also announced that it would be mandatory for all players to stay in hotels, as well as for their teams and other essential workers such as judges. This breaks the tradition that some tennis players have adopted in renting private homes around the All England Club.

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