Johnson urges caution against reopening unnecessary stores in the UK, which have been closed since January

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday asked citizens to act cautiously in a showdown Reopening of unnecessary stores in EnglandAfter they have been in lockdown since January due to the pandemic.

As part of gradual sedation, Bars and restaurants will once again serve their customersIn their outdoor spaces, while they will also reopen hairdressing salons, clothing stores, gyms, swimming pools and other non-essential establishments.

The Prime Minister, in a statement to the media, People were asked to be careful And maintain social distancing when reopening these businesses.

“I’m sure it will be a great relief to business owners who have been closed for so long, and for others it will be an opportunity to do the things we love and miss again,” Johnson added. “I ask everyone to continue to act responsibly,” Johnson insisted.

Last January, the government issued a decision to impose strict restrictions in the face of the increase in Coronavirus infections, which at its peak produced more than 80,000 cases per day.

According to the latest official figures, they contacted this Sunday 7 new deaths and 1,730 other injuriesWhile more than 32 million people were vaccinated with the first two doses since the vaccination program began last December.

Johnson canceled his visit to the “pub” for beer after a mourning ordinance in the United Kingdom of the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, who was 9 years old, at the age of 99.

Other British regions also have their own de-escalationAs students return to school today.

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The government indicated that the next phase of de-escalation is scheduled for May 17, when foreign flights will be allowed, provided that the injuries are under control, as it is currently illegal to go on vacation.

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