Chauvin was found guilty of all charges

(CNN) — Guilty on all charges: That was the trial jury ruling Derek Chauvin Of the death of George Floyd.

A jury found Chauvin guilty of premeditated murder, manslaughter with contempt for life and manslaughter of a felony.

This is the atmosphere at the place where George Floyd died 1:43

Members of the jury I traded for 4 hours on Monday and resumed This morning’s deliberations at 8 am local time. The court did not specify in the notice when the jury stopped deliberating.

Chauvin, 45, was charged with premeditated murder and manslaughter, with contempt for life and manslaughter, in a felony that pleaded not guilty. Fees must be considered separately. So Chauvin can be condemned by all, some or none.

George Floyd’s brother, Philones Floyd, responded to the news of a verdict and told Sarah Seidner of CNN that he hadn’t been told about it yet, until I called him. For the United States, this is a historic case. For the family, this is very personal. “

“The fact that the police officer is accused is as it should be,” he added. He indicated that he would appear before the court when the verdict was read out.

Arguments in the Floyd Case

The jury began deliberating, following the day of final arguments by the Office of the Prosecutor and Defense on Monday. Concluding his case, the prosecutor said Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck and back for 9 minutes 29 seconds due to his pride and arrogance in front of the relevant witnesses.

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A new video revealed the death of George Floyd 2:24

Those bystanders were not allowed to tell him what to do. He would do what he wanted, how he wanted, as long as he wanted. And there was nothing, nothing they could do about it because he was so empowering. “He had power,” said Attorney General Steve Schleicher, “but the other policemen, onlookers, did not.” “He was trying to win, and George Floyd paid for it with his life.”

The comments on Chauvin’s pride and arrogance were the first time prosecutors had specifically discussed the mentality of the ex-cop around the time Floyd died on May 25, 2020. The main elements of premeditated murder and premeditated murder are accused of manslaughter in an act extremely dangerous to the others they were accused of.

The end of Chauvin’s trial in the Floyd case is nearing 3:24

In response, defense attorney Eric Nelson said Chauvin acted as a “reasonable client” in the situation. He also added that there is no evidence that Chauvin intentionally or deliberately used illegal force.

“You have to look at it from a reasonable police officer level. Bear in mind that officers are human, and they can make mistakes in stressful situations,” said Nelson. In this case, the totality of circumstances that a reasonable police officer knows at the exact moment the force was used shows that it was an authorized use of force, however unattractive it was. This is a reasonable suspicion.

The disclosure of the new George Floyd death video 2:48
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Then, Attorney General Jerry Blackwell rejected the defense’s claim that Floyd had died of a condition known as dilated cardiomyopathy or dilated cardiomyopathy.

“The cause of George Floyd’s death is that Mr. Chauvin’s heart is so narrow,” he said.

Later, Judge Peter Cahill briefed the jury on the law on the Monday before and after the closing arguments. Finally, send them out of the courtroom shortly after 5 p.m. Miami time to start deliberating on the ruling that will be issued on Tuesday.

The George Floyd Case

During the trial, the plaintiffs called 38 witnesses to testify. They included experts on the use of force by police who criticized Chauvin and medical experts explaining how Floyd died. The defense summoned seven of its witnesses, but not Chauvin himself, as he invoked the Fifth Amendment with his right not to testify.

The end of the trial comes 11 months after the death of Floyd, in a Minneapolis street, which sparked widespread protests over the police’s treatment of blacks.

Regardless of the verdict in this trial, the broader case shows no signs of abating. Last week, a few miles from court, a police officer at the Brooklyn Center was charged with manslaughter after being shot. Donut Wright, 20 years old, at a traffic stop.

Tensions are high across the region, and authorities have tightened security around Minneapolis. Hennepin County Government Center has been surrounded by walls and barriers since jury selection began in March. Last week, teams installed barbed wire around some police buildings. National Guard forces have also been deployed in parts of downtown Minneapolis.

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Governor Tim Falls requested additional help from law enforcement in Ohio and Nebraska before the ruling, according to a press release from his office on Monday.

Contributed by Eric Levinson and Aaron Cooper.

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