‘Encouraging signs’ in UK to lift covid restrictions

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LONDON (AFP) – There are “encouraging signs” of covid restrictions lifted at the end of the month in England by Oliver Dowden, a member of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s cabinet, on Sunday, he said.

Referring to these restrictions before SkyNews cameras, highlighting remote work and the implementation of health passports in certain places, Dowden stressed the government without portfolio, and “the burden that has been imposed on the hotel sector, gastronomy, the economy, schools, etc., and I want us to get rid of of it if possible.”

“The signs are encouraging, but of course we will wait to see the data before making a final decision,” added Dowden, who is also the chair of the Conservative Party.

Those restrictions, which were imposed last month, will be reviewed on January 26.

According to the media, her resilience will be part of Boris Johnson’s strategy to weather the scandal caused by the parties in Downing Street that have held a full-fledged siege, which the Conservative leader is fighting to stay in power.

In the United Kingdom, each of the countries that make up its own health measures decides.

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