Izquierdista Castillo defeated Fujimori on the first ballot in Peru

It is clear that leftist Pedro Castillo defeated the neoliberal Kiko Fujimori in the first poll about citizens’ preferences for the second round in which the two will compete for the presidency of Peru.

The Ipsos survey showed that a rural teacher achieved 41 percent of the preferences, compared to just 31 neoliberals who had failed in two previous attempts to be elected to rule the country.

The result records 16 percent of respondents who answered that they would vote blank or cancel the ballot and 11 percent abstained.

In addition, among the citizens who voted for other options in the first round of elections last Sunday, 41 percent answered that their candidate should support Castillo and 27 percent indicated that their candidate should support Fujimori.

On the other hand, the consultation notes that 55 percent of those surveyed answered that they would never vote for Fujimori, and 33 percent expressed the same position against Castillo.

The Peru Liberian candidate is regionally imposed in the northern, southern, central and eastern regions, and in rural and urban areas, with ratios ranging between 41 and 68 percent.

The Forza People’s Party candidate wins only in Metropolitan Lima, which is where nearly a third of the population is concentrated, at 42 percent, while in the rest of the country it ranges between 17 and 30 percent.

Regarding the socio-economic sectors, Fujimori has more support in sectors A (52-17), B (39-30) and C (38-30) and is outperformed by Castillo at levels C (50-25) and D (56-24). It also has greater support among women (38.32) and among men (47-30) and between young and old.

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