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Valencia. The official founding of Valencia Football Club on 18 March could not be a coincidence. The now-disappearing Bar of Turin, in 1919, was a scene of a moment in history, forming the club that would end up becoming a symbol of popular culture in the Valencia region, and which soon introduced its first idols, Koppels s Montes. Valencia Football Club then called was born amidst the smell of some valves very different from those we know today. Neither of them could yet imagine the giant that would become a century later. Colossus from an organizational point of view, compared to the origins in which its interior architecture was much simpler, as well as social and cultural, being the key to understanding – and explaining – the identity of the city.

It is the link between the party and football Flaws and the Turin bar (Ediciones Carena), article signed by Pedro Nebot Rodrigo, Juanjo Medina Bonilla s Edward Ramirez Come As they try to weave the relationship between two great symbols of Valencia’s culture, two stories essential for a past century Valencia photograph. “Valencia is like a huge Valla full of everyday scenes. Valencia CF is an outstretched arm of the Fallas feeling, understood not as a home, but rather as a fireworks, ironic and anarchic spirit of what the Fallas family was like,” Nebot explains. Years ago when, at a meeting organized by the magazine ash, The seed of this article, which is now seeing the light, has been laid out and is scheduled to be shown on Tuesday, 7 p.m. in the October Center.

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This story talks about the growth of Fallas and football, each on their side, but also of how they relate to the way Fallas art has represented the king of the sport (now) over the years. In fact, it’s these ’90s that make a major picture for understanding their origins. It was in 1910 when one of the first monuments mocking popular culture imported from the United Kingdom, with the “Le Grand Prize”, was erected by the Pi i Margall – Ciril Amorós Commission, one of the first representations of a mathematical world that little by little will gain a following. Or not little by little, because after 25 years, the Cadis-Dénia committee planted a bug under the slogan “It really tires too much of football”, criticizing her big role in local social life. “The explosion occurred in 1923, when football began to actually be compared to boxing or bullfighting, and then settled in the city. In just thirty years, and with a civil war breaking out between them, came to us, ‘She is already tired too much of football.’ ‘We must take into account. Also, the reckoning was that it was a time of dictatorship, as it was a means of escape, “says the author.

Both elements are essential to paint a picture of the Valencian society. In fact, de las Fallas said Josep Renau: “Because of this dramatic sense of being gathering and radiating, it plays a role of great importance in the psyche of the masses. That is why the history of failures is the history of the development of their critical conscience, with its great ups and downs and new virtues.” Perhaps because of this strength, few did not want to take advantage of Fallas, as well as the football club, at various times.

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“For the Franco regime, Valencia was a complex region, and the Fallas world was rather wild. It must be remembered that these are also the years that Carceller shoot [editor de La Traca], Which represents that sarcastic and critical spirit. The Republic also attempted to control the party with the Valero Central Committee, which later became the Valera Central Council. […] I don’t think its president should be a political position. The Fallas family became politicized because it passes through institutions, ”says Nebot. This“ interference ”also passed into the church at a later time, and the author explains, that frustrated attempt on the part of the Archbishop of Valencia at the time, Marcelino Olicia, To change the dates of the feast so that it does not coincide with the celebration of Holy Week. The answer, the now legendary song: “Marcelino, Tombolero, ceased to be Valero.” However, the club’s interference was already very evident in democracy – “at a time.” Zaplana Camps Barbera… it was the hardest time ” – the years leading up to the current photo leading, once again, to parties and sports.

The history of football and Fallas is full of bonds and coincidences, including a recent one, a “global” process that occurred around the same time. “It’s intriguing. When bankruptcy was declared intangible heritage by UNESCO, this is the moment when Valencia moves from small businessmen from the Valencian region to a pole who comes to Asia,” he explains, a globalization with its risks that attracts a map New in terms of identity, identity that has been differentiated. “Valencia has tried to be the backbone of the region. When it wins a title, from Vinar Guards to Guardamar del Segura it is celebrated. She is the best ambassador for the city. Fallas has represented that too.” The future of football or the party is yet to be mapped, although there are no challenges …

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Is the new Mestalla a failure?
First, a political mistake of what I call the lobster generation. It wasn’t necessary … in the end, Valencia is a huge falla full of sights [ríe].

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