Hong Kong punishes six pro-democracy activists who “escaped” to the UK

Government Hong Kong It announced on Wednesday that it had suspended the passports of six pro-democracy activists He “escaped” to the United Kingdom Including the Nathan Law, drawing on the new National Security Law, which increases penalties for treason and sedition.

“These wanted criminals are hiding out in the UK and continue to blatantly engage in activities that endanger national security. They are also making disturbing comments to discredit and slander the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region,” a government spokesperson said.

In this sense, he added that they “continue to collude with external forces to protect their bad deeds” and “for this reason” they took this measure with the aim of “dealing a strong blow to them.”

The measures applicable to the defendants include the cancellation of their business in Hong Kong and it would be illegal to provide them with funds or financial assets. Those who violate this ban — some activists participate in Patreon, where followers can donate to them — could face seven years in prison. In addition, it is prohibited to establish or invest in a joint venture with “fugitives.”

According to this law, the Minister of Security can declare a fugitive to be a person accused under this legislation who has had an arrest warrant issued for six months or more and has not been brought before justice, the Hong Kong Free Press news portal reported.

The law arrived in the United Kingdom’s capital, London, in July 2020, after leaving Hong Kong a few days earlier due to the implementation of the law, which stipulated penalties of up to life imprisonment for subversion, foreign interference, or attempted secession.

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