Generates a unique doctorate in the field of sociology

Generates a unique doctorate in the field of sociologyCordova

the University of Cordoba The new one starts next year Doctoral program in sociology, political science and anthropologyfrom which admission may be requested September 1.

This is the first doctorate covering the three specializations taught in Andalusia. Professor of sociology at the University Cordoba, David Moscoso“The research lines of other doctoral programs did not provide the best fit for doctoral students’ projects in sociology, political science, and anthropology,” he explains. The program responds to the demand latent for years in Institute of Advanced Social Studies (Issa-CSIC)Which was attended by more than 60 doctoral students who, for the above-mentioned reason, ended up registering their dissertations in doctoral programs at other universities. Given that the field of sociology at the university is experiencing significant growth at this time and that there are two departments Associated modules established between IESA-CSIC and UCO,The implementation of this degree is justified.

Moscoso points out that the program has one line of research. Specifically, “He Oriented towards analyzing processes of social and political change To transfer knowledge, social innovation and public policies. That is, it aims to ensure that doctoral dissertations provide a practical application for improving social and political processes with a clear impact on public policy.

the Practical content of the research It concerns a wide range of topics, highlighting gender studies, health, the environment, politics and democracy, science policy, social innovation, migration and cultures, education, heritage and ethnology, sport and tourism, and sociological and qualitative research methodology.

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The new doctoral program aims to: “An interdisciplinary file, although it primarily includes studies in sociologyPolitical science and anthropology. However, “PhD orientation accepts people who have graduated from labor relations and human resources, international relations, tourism, physical education, education, social work, nursing, management, environmental or data sciences, marketing or advertising, among many others.” .

the The professional activity of those who have received this training will be directed mainly towards public administration.Scientific research, university training, professional consultations and international institutions.

International invitation

Moreover, the program was born with strong international advocacy. “The goal is for doctoral students to receive international recognition. To this end, cooperation was carried out with many institutions Italy, Mexico, Denmark, Netherlands and Norway. “It will be a prerequisite for doctoral students to be based abroad, and all theses will be partly written in English and will have a thesis director from one of the other foreign university institutions,” emphasizes Moscoso, who adds: “We will develop an ambitious program of conferences by specialists of international standing.” Accessible to the entire Cordoba community.

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