Actress Emilia Clarke shows her support for the United Kingdom remaining in the European Union


British actress Emilia Clarke, known for her role as Daenerys Targaryen in the famous TV series game of thronesToday he showed his support for the UK to remain in the European Union. Clarke, 29, was the latest British celebrity to announce her faith before the referendum scheduled for Thursday.

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The actress posted on her Instagram account, where she has nearly five million followers, a colorful photo with the words “in,” along with the hashtags “remain,” “European Union,” and “simple.”

London-born Clarke was not the only British star to share her ideology regarding the referendum.

Actor Daniel Craig, who played a spy in the service of His Majesty James Bond on the big screen, posted a photo in which he appeared wearing a T-shirt that read: “No man is an island. No country is alone. Vote to remain in Parliament.” June 23.”

In addition, British JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter fantasy saga, used her Twitter account, which has more than 7.5 million followers, on several occasions to make it clear that she would vote not to leave the EU.

Idris Elba, star of the hit series, did the same the wire And LutherHe wrote on the same social network: “My parents immigrated to the UK, worked hard and contributed to me. Accordingly, I vote to remain.”

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And Bear Grylls, the intrepid broadcaster The last survivorHe mentioned in an article in GQ magazine the reasons for his vote to remain in the community bloc.

Another important support the Remain campaign received was from former footballer David Beckham, the former England international and former player for Manchester United, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Los Angeles Galaxy and Paris Saint-Germain, who said he would vote for Britain to remain in the European Union. The European Union voted in the referendum because it believes it lives in a “vibrant and interconnected world.”

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