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The first step towards the “Metaverse” (the virtual environment in which users interact) began after the avatars were published in WhatsApp MessengerBut it is expected to develop gradually. An avatar is a graphical or digital representation of yourself that you create from combinations of facial features, skin tone, hairstyles, and clothing.

WhatsApp is giving priority to avatars in its upcoming updates, since a few days ago The first avatar filter for video calls has been created, which will imitate all your movements and facial expressions in real time while calling.

For this reason, it’s time for your contacts to start getting familiar with your animated copy with the aforementioned instant messaging platform, so from Debor we’ll teach you how. Set your avatar as your profile picture.

This is how you can add your avatar as a profile picture on WhatsApp

  • First, you must create your avatar.
  • You can do this in Settings > Avatar.
  • Now, go back to Settings and tap on your profile picture icon.
  • The next step is to tap on the camera underneath.
  • Three options will be displayed: “Camera”, “Gallery” and “Avatar”, tap on the last one.
  • Select any of the nine styles that WhatsApp offers you.
  • Also choose a wallpaper.
  • Finally, tap on the green check mark in the upper right corner.

Why shouldn’t you open short links on WhatsApp?

  • Many of these hidden links tend to steal some of your information.
  • For example, if you open it on your cell phone, not only will you be able to paralyze your mobile device, but you will not be able to perform any action within WhatsApp.
  • These are the so-called “message bombs” that you should be very careful about.
  • But if you open them on your computer or laptop, among other things, it may backfire.
  • Sometimes it is a malicious link or malware that tends to steal all your information.
  • Even this will save your keys on your device.
  • This way it will be hacked and you will not be able to access it for a certain period of time until you file an appeal that it is not you.
  • The best thing will always be to delete that link from where they sent you the link.
  • Also, so that you don’t have any temptation, you can also delete the entire WhatsApp conversation.
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