Albaris invites the Thirteenth Council and the mayors of Campo Gibraltar to talk about negotiations with the United Kingdom

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jose Manuel AlbarezThe mayors of Campo Gibraltar, the Council and the President of the Commonwealth of Municipalities of the region have summoned a meeting on 13 May to inform them of the course of negotiations on Gibraltar and its relationship with the European Union after Brexit. It must be remembered that the last time the mayors were called at once on this issue by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Madrid was in November 2022, when the Minister informed the mayors of the proposal that had been sent to the United Kingdom “to make that space a shared prosperity zone”.

Albarés stated that Spain, in cooperation with the European Commission, has already put a global proposal on the table, which includes provisions on the movement of people, with the aim of removing the fence and thus ensuring full fluidity of the movement of people. Among other measures. Since then, with Spain’s position on the table, the United Kingdom and the European Union have conducted several rounds of negotiations without reaching an agreement to date, despite the rapprochement and good relationship demonstrated by the current British Foreign Minister, David CameronAnd the Spanish Minister.

Albares’ call to the Campo de Gibraltar authorities comes in the face of rumors of a possible upcoming agreement and criticism from the board of directors that it has not received any kind of information from the government of Spain about the status of the negotiations, as well as the mayor of La Linea de la Concepción himself, who on Tuesday expressed his “concern.” “, as well as noting that they were “in the midst of a power of political and foreign policy interests” without “at any time” being “consulted at all.”

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