A White House spokesman pretends to defend Biden and confirms that “eighty is the new forty”

White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said Friday, in a press conference, that President Joe Biden’s advanced age should not be considered an obstacle to his re-election.

When asked about concerns among Americans that the president, now 80, is too old to be re-elected, the spokeswoman joked: “80 is the new 40, didn’t you know?”

He pointed out that Biden has been receiving “the same criticism” since 2019, but “every time he defeats the critics.” He stressed that “every time he does this, he goes above and beyond and makes history, something that others cannot do.”

Biden, who will turn 81 in November, is the oldest president in the history of the North American country. If he assumes a second term, he will complete it at the age of 86, which raises concerns among residents about his ability to carry out his duties.

Thus, an AP-NORC poll conducted in August revealed that 77% of respondents believe the White House chief, who in April formally announced his plans to run for reelection in 2024, is “too old” to hold the position. Charge again. Not only do 89% of Republicans think this way, but 69% of Democrats have the same opinion.

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