Free Fire: This is what the Attack on Titan titans look like at a Battle Royale collaboration event

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Free Fire Will set up a collaborative event with Shingeki no Kyujin, The anime known as The attack on the Giants. Part of what awaits players is the ability to obtain skins to play like some of the giants in the series and we have already seen what these outfits will look like.

Through social media, Garena shared a preview of this collaborative event. In it we can see the players Free Fire They will be able to acquire costumes based on Attack Titan and Armored Titan, two of the most important characters in Shingeki no Kyujin.

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As you’ll see, it’s a pair of skins for male characters as they preserve the lineage of fighters Free FireSo don’t expect to crush your enemies by looking like Titanic.We must also admit that it’s a bit strange to see the Attack Titan and Armored Titan using firearms, but I think we’ll get used to that.

You can see them below:

What do you think? Are you excited to have these skins? Tell us in the comments.

Free Fire Available for iOS and Android devices. You can learn more about Garena’s Battle Royale if click here.

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