Women’s health and well-being is a corporate and human resource priority

Many have seen the need to work from home and have to combine housework and school responsibility for their children, along with the part of work, which has had major implications.

Data from the Regional Survey 2020: How have the work environment and the family changed? , Prepared by the Joint Business School, indicates that there is still a great scope of opportunity in terms of distribution and equality in domestic work, given that housework is still only performed by women.

In this sense, we seem to have resigned, and it is taken for granted that someone has to bear the mental burden and make use of our free time or our workday to coordinate all the tasks. The truth is, no one forces us to take all this responsibility.

And despite the fact that we continue to struggle to reduce the gender gap, in our jobs, in salaries, even at home, where we are the ones who allocate the most hours

To work without pay

; Every woman and everyone has different truths, but there are things we all go through: isolation and weak moods.

In this way, maintaining the physical and mental well-being of employees is important to the sustainability and productivity of companies. Without a doubt, a healthy colleague is more productive, focuses more on tasks, achieves goals and makes the company more profitable.

However, we must find a balance in our role as a woman and professionally, physically, mentally, socially, and economically. The first luxury we should be thinking of is the well-being of ourselves.

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For example, one of the first areas in which we can make a difference, which is not dependent on anyone else, is the pursuit of our financial well-being. We must be aware of where we are, the knowledge and skills needed to make sound financial decisions, as well as the attitudes to achieving our goals.

Some organizations have begun to do an analysis of what they can do to help women achieve this financial well-being, for example, with financial plans focusing on them. They can also generate benefits that allow them to obtain their savings or investment strategies, such as a provident fund or a savings bank.

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