Four have been arrested in the UK for raiding Rishi Sunak’s properties to leave him a ‘parting gift’

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak fails to win due to disappointment. Amid the controversy surrounding the UK election date, in which four Conservative Party members participated, the Conservative Party leader and candidate Conservatives He received a call on Tuesday from police in the town of Kirby Sigston, in North Yorkshire, northern England, informing him of the arrest of four people for illegally entering the property and house owned by Sunak in the area. location.

Protest group known as Young asked She made public a video showing a young man entering British Prime Minister Kirby Sigston’s property and defecating in a lake, stating that it was a “parting gift.” Now that the United Kingdom will hold elections in which, according to the polls, Labor will regain power by doubling its number of seats, In the face of the party’s historic collapse Conservatives.

Downing Street appreciated the quick intervention of the police officers and avoided making assessments on the matter as the investigation was still ongoing and limited it to referring it to the police to clarify any kind of doubt on the matter.

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